Cretan Tsikoudia

Pure drink,
no hangover

Unique like the Cretan land. Made with love, passion and the purest ingredients. Guaranteed to give you pleasure; not a hangover,

Tsikoudia Aródama is premium grape spirit, made by first-class varieties of grape marc, Romeiko, Muscat of Spina and Vilana, in special regions of the Cretan land. With its crystal transparent color, special aroma and rich authentic flavor, it will definitely travel you back to the Minoan civilization, where the men of Crete knew a well-kept secret that could warm the hearts of those who taste it.

For a unique experience of flavors and taste, it is served cool up to +10°C and frozen at -10°C. Feel free to enjoy it also as “rakomelo”: heat it up for 8-10 minutes to +45°C adding cloves, cinnamon and 50gr. of Aródama thyme honey per 250ml. of tsikoudia.

It has been awarded with a gold medal at the prestigious international competition “TERRAVINO”.


We cut down sugar!

The Aródama jams are made of 85% selected Greek fruits of excellent quality arousing unique emotions in every spoonful.

They are ideal for a delicious breakfast, rich in taste, and are ready to be used in various recipes. You can enjoy them in four wonderful flavors:

  • kiwi-apple-banana
  • apricot
  • orange-apple-verbena
  • strawberry

No preservatives. 100% natural.

Our apricot jam has been awarded at the prestious British competition “GREAT TASTE AWARDS” with the three-star award.

Thyme honey

Sweet and delicious.
Like a melody!

A honey with an intense taste and thyme flavor that brings you closer to the land of Crete and its unique rhythm.

It is an extraordinary nutritional gift of nature, with the highest rate of thyme pollen grains; an ideal idea to start your day with an energy-boosting breakfast.

Let yourself go to its sweet sensation and enjoy a unique Cretan ode to pleasure.


No preservatives, no additives. No processing. 100% natural.

Tip: Crystallization is a natural phenomenon of pure and natural honey. The honey comes back to its liquid form when boiled for a few minutes in bain-marie (up to 50°C).



Awarded at the prestigious British competition


The Cretan look into unique flavors!

When the Cretan thyme honey is uniquely combined into two delicious sweet pâté, olive and plum, the result can only be unforgettable. Try a magical combination of balance that differs from every taste known, surprising even the most demanding palate.

  • Olive pâté for those who want intense flavor and exuberant aroma, in a spicy natural pâté with light sweetness.
  • Fruit pâté for those who love the sweet feeling of fresh plum melting in the mouth.

Two exquisite delicacies -rich in nutrients and vitamins- that can be used daily in many Mediterranean diet recipes to offer you a unique experience.

No preservatives. 100% natural.


Awarded at the prestigious British competition “GREAT TASTE AWARDS” with the two-star award, and at the “SIAL INNOVATION AWARDS” in Paris.

Extra virgin
Cretan olive oil

Symbol of longevity

Olive oil is the “key” of the Mediterranean diet. Homer called it the”wet gold” and, from the ancient years to the present day, it is the secret of the Cretan longevity.

The extra virgin olive oil Aródama is produced from the “Koroneiki” olive variety and it’s hand-picked in the family olive groves of the Mamidaki family, following traditional methods of cultivation and the cold pressing process during production; maintaining the strictest quality standards.

It is an olive oil of excellent quality and balanced flavor coming to your table in dark bottles. Remaining as fresh as the first day, it offers a unique experience in every drop.

It has been awarded with a bronze medal at the


Discover an ancient Cretan delicacy!

A flavor of high gastronomy, the snails or helix are one of the favorite Cretan meals, since the ancient times. Durind that period, they were suggested as the means by which the human body can recover and strengthen from various diseases.

Nowadays, the Aródama snails are a delicious Cretan delicacy, combining totally different ingredients into a unique harmony of flavors. They are rich in nutrients, due to their high content of omega3 fat and protein. Made of extraordinary ingredients, they will absolutely satisfy even the most demanding lovers of gourmet flavors.

Having spicy flavors and aromas, you can enjoy them in two delicious combinations:

  • rosemary- vinegar-raisins and
  • garlic-onion-parsley-Cretan wine.

Both are guaranteed to provoke the palate of the most discerning tasters in each bite.

No preservatives. 100% natural.

Awarded at the


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