Discover an ancient Cretan delicacy!

A flavor of high gastronomy, the snails or helix are one of the favorite Cretan meals, since the ancient times. Durind that period, they were suggested as the means by which the human body can recover and strengthen from various diseases.

Nowadays, the Aródama snails are a delicious Cretan delicacy, combining totally different ingredients into a unique harmony of flavors. They are rich in nutrients, due to their high content of omega3 fat and protein. Made of extraordinary ingredients, they will absolutely satisfy even the most demanding lovers of gourmet flavors.

Having spicy flavors and aromas, you can enjoy them in two delicious combinations: rosemary- vinegar-raisins and garlic-onion-parsley-Cretan wine. Both are guaranteed to provoke the palate of the most discerning tasters in each bite.

No preservatives. 100% natural.

Awarded at the

στο Παρίσι.

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