Cretan Tsikoudia

Pure drink,
no headache

Unique like the Cretan land. Made with love, passion and the purest ingredients. Guaranteed to give you pleasure; not a headache.

Tsikoudia Aródama is made by first-class varieties of grape marc, Romeiko, Muscat of Spina and Vilana, in special regions of the Cretan land. With its crystal transparent color, special aroma and rich authentic flavor, it will definitely travel you back to the Minoan civilization, where the men of Crete knew a well-kept secret that could warm the hearts of those who taste it.

For a unique experience of flavors and taste, it is served cool up to +10°C and frozen at -10°C. Feel free to enjoy it also as “rakomelo”: heat it up for 8-10 minutes to +45°C adding cloves, cinnamon and 50gr. of Aródama thyme honey per 250ml. of tsikoudia.

It has been awarded with a gold medal at the prestigious international competition “TERRAVINO”.

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