Three recipes with jams, strawberry, orange and apricot

There are many people who still insist that salty with sweet does not match. But gourmet cuisine and its fanatical supporters disagree. And they are right.

If you think that a delicious piece of meat cannot be tastier with some… jam, then you must definitely try the following recipes and you will change your opinion immediately.

Cretan gastronomy with snails

From the Palaeolithic age to today, the snail was one of the key ingredients in the Cretan diet. It is also one of the favorite ingredients of many Mediterranean peoples. Crete, however, is having the lead in snail consumption both per year and per resident.

Snails are particularly rich in valuable nutrients and, in combination with extra virgin Cretan olive oil, are largely responsible for the longevity of the Cretans. This is due to the fact that the snail’s meat has a high content of linolenic acid -a type of the essential fatty acids called “omega-3” fatty acids that are essential nutrients for the human body who cannot produce them by his own. The omega-3 fatty acid content of snail meat is comparable to the omega-3 of fish.

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